Kevin Mills Photography

I live in Birgham, near Coldstream in the Scottish Borders. I have been keenly interested in photography since the age of 11, after being introduced to it as a result of receiving a camera and developing and printing outfit, as a Christmas present. I soon progressed to the stage of having my own darkroom setup complete with a good quality enlarger. I learnt the basics of photography using a manual camera and I believe that has helped me get better images and a better understanding of modern technology. My first camera was an Ilford Sportsman camera. Since then I have owned a Fed 3, Zenith B, Rolleiflex SL35, EOS 10,N ikon Coolpix 4500 and a Fuji S20 Pro Digital Camera. I now use Canon EOS digital cameras with occasional shots taken on a Nikon Coolpix S500, which I won in a Sunday Times Travel Magazine Competition.