SRSW Photography

I’m Scott – a jolly Wedding Photographer based in Yeovil. Photography has been an interest of mine from a young age, back then it was disposable film photographs of fishing expeditions or bicycle and skateboard tricks. Through time all of my interests changed but the interest and practice of photography always remained.

Wedding photography is a passion of mine, it is difficult to find another day in anyone’s life where all of the best emotions are present and so naturally free-flowing. This makes wedding photography one of the most rewarding jobs a photographer can undertake.

My approach is simple – capture every detail and special moment throughout the day whilst remaining as un-obtrusive as possible, after all the best photographs are the always the natural ones.

Currently I use an up-to-date Nikon system with fast lenses and lighting. Two of everything is essential – I use two camera bodies (Full frame) and different lenses for flexibility, speed and backup/security.

I hope you enjoy looking through the images I have been lucky enough to push the camera shutter release on and look forward to hearing from you should you require a photographer for your special occasion.