Beau Belles Plus Size

So if you are fed up of trying on dresses in sizes too small, can only come in the evening, don't want to order a dress in a standard size or just want a great shopping experience, why not come in and see us? When I shopped for a wedding dress I was disappointed by what bridal shops offered. Don't get me wrong, all the staff I encountered were lovely. But my wedding was in 4 months and they said it would take 6 - 8 months for the dress to arrive!

Despite the high price, they could only order my wedding dress in a standard UK dress size. I have a very large bust- they said they would have to order the gown to fit the bust - that's 3 or 4 dress sizes bigger than the rest of me! I would then pay up to £200 to have the dress altered. I decided that brides deserve A LOT better and that's why I worked toward my dream of opening a bridal shop in Scotland to do just that!