Ben Trombacco Weddings

I set up this wedding site towards the end of 2012 after a friend asked me to photograph their wedding. Being a professional photographer for the last 4 years I knew that at some point I was going to photograph a wedding or two. Knowing the importance people placed upon their special day I went about researching everything I could about wedding photography, finding inspiration all over world. Coming from an environment where I had created award winning images in nightlife photography I new I would have to adapt to find my style with regards to photographing weddings.

To my initial surprise, I found that my existing experience helped immensely. I was already adept at finding and capturing those magic moments which a wedding is full of. Being an event photographer for so long meant that much of this skill set was techniques I already possessed.

Today I love photographing weddings and working with couples to create kind of images that will last a lifetime.