Brides By Kiran

After years of compliments of her makeup and hair styling skills, Kiran decided to pursue her passion of building her own freelance make-up artist business. She followed her dream and after training by the well known and renowned, celebrity, makeup artist Saima Akram, Kiran's years of passion in the art of applying makeup has evolved into Brides by Kiran. Kiran skills as a makeup artist have been appreciated by clients, top models and fashion designers and her passion for creating a makeup look that enhances the beauty of every individual is the reason for her continued success.

She enjoys the satisfaction of seeing a pleased Bride looking exquisite in her bridal makeup for her special day. Kiran strives to provide a friendly, professional service and thrives on customer satisfaction. Not everyone can carry off a particular look and a makeup trial is essential to make sure the client is happy with the vision of themselves on their wedding day.