My passion for photography started with an inheritance of my Grandad's camera, a few college courses and eventually a professional training seminar. I know you are here for a reason, because like me, you believe photography really matters in the development of your family history. One day, your children will be grown up and it will become an event to show them all those moments of joy and love captured in print forever. You may collect hundreds of "home taken" digital photos, but nothing compares to a professionally lit and managed photo shoot.

One of the great things you can expect from me is to make you laugh, smile and see the love you have for each other in your eyes. Through my love of photography, I see the "real" you through my lens, so you can take those moments and share them with everyone. A little about me. I started in my teens as a children's party magician, became a member of The Magic Circle and went on to entertain family audiences around the world with my comedy magic show.