GnBri Photography MORAY

Gareth Wignall's career began in 2010 as a sports and adventure photographer, where his skills for combining technical expertise with an elegant, modern aesthetic in creating eye-catching, emotional images, quickly gained him recognition and drew in clients. His fascination with photographic storytelling soon led him down a different road, however, to become one of today's most client focused wedding photographers.

Prior to starting GnBri photography in 2012, Bri Wignall spent several years organising and styling professional photo shoots and running a commercial blog. Years of working with commercial clients on complex issues have revealed Bri's natural ability to connect with people, build lasting relationships and look beyond the obvious to create the right image for the project at hand, with an eye for detail.

At GnBri photography, Bri uses her talents to provide each and every client with a tailored, personal experience that suits their individual personalities and priorities.