Ivory Tower Weddings

Stationery, ribbons, diamontes, bows, chaircovers, flowers - each has their own individual appeal and nothing pleases me more than bringing them all together to create a perfect wedding setting.

No two brides are the same and therefore no two weddings should be the same. From the planning and designing of the theme, to the size and shape of the bow on your stationery, I will help you create a bespoke wedding that is individual to your taste and make your day unique.

Having coordinated over 100 weddings in the past, I can help you plan every last detail of your wedding, whether you would like a marquee in the middle of a field or simply place cards for your tables. With a genuine passion for organising and meticulous attention to detail, I have years of experience in planning and managing events and have worked with many high profile clients - including the Queen!