Mark Wallis Photography

I live in a small town in Derbyshire with my wife and two kids. I'm a full-time professional photographer, shooting weddings, events and other documentary projects all over the UK. I have never been interested in creating photographic ‘art' with artificial lighting, staging or posing. Instead I get excited about capturing reality. Fleeting moments, frozen, to be enjoyed forever. I shot my first wedding this way over ten years ago, and this has been my approach ever since. Unlike many wedding photographers, I have no interest in faddy processing techniques and ‘vintage' effects that will quickly date.

Nor will I spend half my day photographing random details or cropping off everyone's heads. I produce natural and honest storytelling wedding images with true-to-life colour and neutral black and whites that will look as great in 50 years time as they do now. I photograph around 35 weddings each year and I've worked in almost every county in England, and occasionally further afield.