Matthew Cleveland Photography

I live on the south coast in the city of Portsmouth with my wife George. There's some debate about how long you get to be newlyweds but I still count us in this bracket, we only got married this year after all! While choosing him we found that, even knowing the questions to ask, it was difficult to pick a photographer.

Back to Portsmouth though, I'm a stones throw from the sea (although you'd need a good throwing arm to reach it and to stand on tiptoes to see it) which is great as there's an abundance of ice cream and also a pain as there's a ton of seagulls who also like ice cream. Over the past few years this city has been changing for the better. There's now a thriving community of caf├ęs, restaurants and independent shops and the art scene is getting more attention. If you are planning on visiting check out Strong Island's site to see what's going on.

If you're wondering the photo above is the Queens Hotel just around the corner from me, it's quite a grand venue for a wedding.