Organic Spit Roast

We understand that the delicious cuisine that will delight your guests requires a spit roast hire with attention to detail. Our spit roast hire uses only the best quality meats, typically the Essex Saddleback pig for hog roasts, organically farmed and prepared by our expert chef to delight your guests. The source and quality of the meat we serve you is as important to us as it is to you and your guests. We know that you can enjoy our spit roasts with the reassurance that you are partaking of ethically reared meat.

Hertfordshire | Greater London & The Home Counties hog roasts are a popular catering option for any large gathering, from weddings to graduations and corporate hospitality catering. Spit roast pig hire can be light on taste with meat that does not necessarily live up to expectations. The source and quality of the meat is essential to spit roast pork.