My name is Clive McLaughlin and I live on the North Coast of Ireland with my wife Stephanie and super awesome son Ruan! I'm passionate about video, and I'm passionate about presentation. I have a fondness for telling everyone about good things that happen and so I feel blessed to have the job of communicating the very best of a memorable occasion through film. The standard package includes the following three main elements and prices start from £1200 (2016). 2015 dates are no longer available.

This short trailer set to a fully licensed soundtrack is the quickest and easiest way to refresh your memory of your special day. From bridal prep to first dances, all in a few short minutes but never failing to spark the re-emergence of all you nerves, excitement and joy. Who doesn't have 4 minutes to spare? You could watch it every day (if you wanted to!). It's small enough to transfer onto your phone or tablet to take with you everywhere you go.