ROAR Photography

The photo's are beautiful and so natural, just like we wanted. Thank you so much, we can't wait for the humanist ceremony in March. Thank you so much, I have just been blubbing of course! I have also burnt the dinner because I was obviously sidetracked! It's just so amazing to see all the little details and things I've missed and completely forgotten! I don't think we can ever thank you enough! The hundred house will wet themselves when they see some of these, the barn looks incredible. I am yet to see pics that look anywhere near! These certainly help with that sinking back to work feeling, won't be able to get any work done though, will be showing these off! So incredible. Brings every moment back! Thank you so much Paul. It's going to be so hard to pic out for he walls! Paul Lyon, Roar Photography was our photographer. We wanted a photographer to be everywhere and nowhere, someone to capture every moment without interrupting the flow of the day.