Silver Photography

Working from Bishopton, just outside Glasgow, I travel everywhere, photographing weddings right across the whole of Scotland and the north of England into Yorkshire and the Lake District. In fact, despite living on the West coast, over half of the weddings I shoot in a year will be in and around Edinburgh.

The weddings I am asked to photograph usually have a focus on having a wonderful, happy and romantic time together rather than getting too bogged down in formality and tradition and, for me, that is absolutely perfect! Right from day one I decided that 'traditional' wedding photography wasn't my cup of tea and that I would specialise in wedding photojournalism (also called reportage or documentary wedding photography). I look upon your day, and my involvement in it, differently. I don't believe that you are at your wedding to be a model for me - you are there to be married and to enjoy yourself. I simply photograph your whole day for you from start to finish.