Special Days Weddings & Events

Ask anyone who has been involved in planning a big event or wedding and they will quickly tell you that the process can be like a full time job. So much to do, so much to learn and so little time to do it all! There are endless details to arrange, many logistics to organise, large numbers of suppliers and service providers to hire, schedules, time-lines and budgets to manage and as a result, so much room for oversights to occur and for things to go wrong. The reality is that few couples/organisations have the level of time in their normal schedules required to successfully plan, manage, and execute big events or wedding effectively; it is best to realise or acknowledge this before it is too late and that is where we come in!

Based centrally in Berkshire, we have suppliers all over the county and beyond to help make your plans come to life and save you money along the way. We are not limited to only working within Berkshire.