Tartufi Cakes

Weddings and parties are part of life's magical and memorable experiences. A fantastic cake adds so much to the celebration. At Tartufi Cakes we aim to create cakes that enchant your guests' tastebuds and visually inspire; cakes that will be remembered long after the event. Our cakes are not just delicious and beautifully crafted, but individual works of art that perfectly reflect each customer's individual style and personality.

You could say I was always destined to be a cake maker. From an early age my artistic flair was apparent and I had an innate desire to design and create beautiful things. From the age of 14 I worked most Sundays in a small hotel kitchen gleaning tips from the chefs, the pastry chef in particular.

Customers often ask me what I enjoy most about making cakes, the baking or the designing and decorating.