That Happy Wedding

My name is Lauren and I am That Happy Girl, owner of the website That Happy Girl and of That Happy Wedding Co. If you haven't already guessed, I am slightly obsessed and entranced by the purity of love. This all stemmed from a little passion of Classic novels that was honed and indulged in when I worked in Waterstones. Working there I would pour over lost love letters of war heroes, the beautiful prose from famous and unknown poets and give into the romance of the Austen period.

My walls were not adorned with posters artfully ripped from teen magazines but instead shelves groaned under the weight of books that I had discovered in charity shops. Mr Darcy, Knightley and Colonel Brandon were all keeping my fantasy of love, romance and the virtuous sanctity of marriage alive and well. But there are some that prevail in this 21st Century world of dating. The special few, the elite, the blessed.