W. D. & F. Hendry

W. D. and F. Hendry, Organists is run by William and Fiona Hendry both classically trained musicians. We have been in the wedding business for over twenty years and have vast experience in wedding music. Fiona Hendry is a graduate of the Northern College of Education, Aberdeen where she studied piano, singing and violin. Her degree course specialized piano and she recently retired from a career teaching pianoforte in Midlothian schools. She holds the post of organist at St John's and King's Park Church in Dalkeith. William Hendry was trained at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and has a degree in Music specializing in piano, singing, organ and harpsichord. He has held various organ posts throughout Scotland and recently retired from the position of Head of Music at a large secondary school in Midlothian. He is organist at St Nicholas Buccleuch Church Dalkeith, Midlothian. William combines a career in teaching and organ playing with work as a harpsichord maker, restorer and tuner.