Wedding Photography Lancashire

The very best wedding photographs are not composed by instructions; rather they are composed in an instant, to be savoured for a lifetime. An ancient Chinese saying has it that, 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. Maybe so; but John's shots of bride and groom, aglow with excitement, united in joy, personify just those 'three little words' that marriage consummates.

It's all about feeling comfortable. Wedding photography as always, time is the key. No photographer can imbue a chaotic scene with tranquillity and serenity, but there is one photographer able to impose order on a wedding day so that those quiet moments have time to happen, to emerge naturally and organically, rather than having to be 'created' in a blur of 'just duck your head down' or 'can you get a tad closer?' instructions.

You can see it clearly on the faces of all John Brandwood's bridal photographs: she's having fun, she is enjoying every moment of her Big Day; 'the main event', months, maybe years in the planning.