It is definitely challenging to imagine your dream wedding in these uncertain and tricky times we live in nowadays. However, just because the year has been challenging it does not mean you have to give up on all your plans, especially when it comes to something as important as planning and organizing your own wedding. If we have learned something important from the year that is not over, it will be that we have to manage and find a way to not allow our normal lives to stop out of fear and also be able to smile and be happy about all those wonderful things still happening in our lives. Planning a wedding is already challenging and overwhelming enough, therefore, without further ado, today we present you with a few super efficient and handy tips for organizing a wedding like a pro.

Start as Early as Possible

It is well known in the wedding planning industry that the later you start with planning and organizing your wedding, the fewer options you will have to choose from. Therefore, in order to have the venue of your dreams, the dress of your dreams, the music, flowers, and decorations of your dreams, and, overall, the wedding you have imagined since a young girl, you want to start as early as possible. You don’t want the second best service for your wedding, right? Therefore, make sure to start planning and researching as soon as you get the ring on your finger.

Make Everything Fun

We are done with hearing so many stories of stressed and overwhelmed couples who cannot enjoy the great moments of organizing their wedding due to the overwhelming about of things that need to be considered and done. Let’s start a new trend now and actually learn how to have fun and enjoy organizing our own weddings, should we? Enjoying the journey is part of the overall fun, therefore, feel encouraged and inspired to make a really enjoyable celebration out of even the smallest and most mundane aspects of planning and organizing your wedding.

The Time of Becoming an Organisation Freak

Well, maybe not that extreme, right? However, the more organized you are and the starter you are with your strategy, the better results you can expect, and the easier the whole experience will be for you. Get a planner you will dedicate to wedding plans only and don’t forget to have a list of all suppliers you may need, all professionals you may want to hire, important contact numbers and other details, a page for important dates and meetings you definitely don’t want to forget about and miss, a list of every detail you need to consider before the big day, etc. It is good to feel in complete control during the period of planning, therefore, a good organization strategy can help dramatically.

The Two Important Questions

When you are considering the venues you may possibly choose for your wedding, make sure to ask yourself two of the most important questions that will most probably help you make your final choice or at least help you narrow down your option. First of all, think of what kind of wedding you dream of? And second of all, how many guests you would like to invite? The answers to these questions will help you determine the venue you are looking for and will enjoy.

Take Notes

Now, planning a wedding is definitely something that puts your multitasking skills to a big test. No matter how much of a well-organized person you are, the chances are you don’t have the mental capacity to remembering everything. Nobody has it. Therefore, it is necessary and even life-saving to take notes. Taking notes will help you go through all details later on and when you have the time and energy to actually take things into action.

Don’t Forget the Groom

It is easy to get swept away by all the elements and aspects of planning a wedding that we often forget that we are not the only ones getting married. It is important to remember your partner and their wishes too. Maybe they won’t be that proactive and interested in the organizational part of the whole thing, however, it is important to make sure they don’t feel left behind and their wishes and opinions are equally important and taken into consideration.

Truly Enjoyable Menu

Naturally, food-wise you would like something special for your wedding day, you would like to go out of your way and think of super special and fancy food that is perfect for such a big day of celebration. However, fancy does not equal delicious and enjoyable. Sometimes, while trying to go the extra mile and do something special, we actually do the opposite and choose a menu that won’t be enjoyed by many and will be too fancy. Sometimes the approach of simplicity is the right one. Therefore, when picking the menu for your wedding, make sure it is something you and the majority of people would enjoy and also ensure enough variety to cater to the desires and needs of everyone.

Avoid Collapsing Cake

It is a real horror story, a nightmare come true… the collapsing wedding cake is a real thing, indeed. Now, don’t get us wrong, a wedding cake is an expensive thing and it is not an easy way to not be sad and sour about the money invested, but just imagine the general disappointment of not having a beautiful wedding cake for the pictures and your guests not being able to have a piece of this delicious thing. In order to avoid the collapsing cake, make sure to talk to your supplier and have them oversee the setup of the cake. Once the cake is arranged, make sure it is not moved around.

Be Smart with Your Budget

Everyone wants to get the most for their wedding while spending as little money as possible. Indeed, a wedding could be quite an investment. If you are working with a limited budget for your wedding, it is recommended to spend less or totally scratch out of your list details that are not a priority such as the wedding car, etc. The priority is making sure the wedding receptions are looking right and here is where you want to invest the majority of your budget since this is where you and your guests are going to spend the majority of your time and this is what your wedding will be remembered for.

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